Arun Soni




                   run Soni’s work is very exotic and slightly contradictory. It’s in his breeding, it’s in his blood. A teen artiste fine tuned his talents in Paris. The art of Arun Soni is in his shape-shifter ways, his cultural voyaging. He has the legerdemain ability to capture souls. The ultimate photographical feat. His work is mesmerizing. It draws the viewer in. Into the subject and their preternatural intensity. The subjects always stops for a moment, and it is almost as if Soni isn’t even using a camera. It’s more like telepathic abilities. He isn’t just photographing a subject. He is passing through the subject, capturing something inside. The subject drops their guard and for one brief moment. Like a memory. He has captured something forever, and so well, that you can feel the energy form the print, we’ve all experienced that glance across a room, across a street.

Perhaps there is something to reincarnation? Perhaps Soni’s soul travels through the streets of Paris, Barcelona, back alleys of Africa and India. His soul the camera. Perhaps he manages to happen to find souls that he has known from his previous lives. Then, for one moment they recognize him too, and stop, frozen in flight. Perhaps that is what is so all encompassing in his portraits. It’s the levels of beauty he finds, the depth.

Recently, we had one of these metaphysical conversations and his humble response was “ Well, I don’t like to get too philosophical... but...” Later in that same conversation he advised me to drop who I had found to be an unethical business contract. Soni raised a brow, smiled across the table and said “Bad Karma, darling”

That is the Art of Arun Soni.                       

                                                                        Elvier von Lear

“Masai singing and dancing sounds visually thrilling. I would love to explore this further.” 

Medium: photography and Cinematography
Each work is original
Selection from Gibb’s Farm Birds Photography





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Commissioned  Cinematography Work
Song of The Cows - 
Weaver Birds & Song of Gibb's Farm
Bush Babies of 
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