Athuman Katongo




“ My work creates awareness for littering of the streets and country side. By recycling we limit the burning of trash. Remember paper ingested by cattle causes gastric upsets and

recycled paper reduces deforestation.”

Water Shortage






Medium: Recycled paper, Banana tree stems, Papyrus, Sisal, Water hyacinth, Elephant dung
Each work is original
size: 15 x 35 cm tall

                  thuman Katongo’s first artist-in-residency commission includes the fabrication of books and holders using elephant dung, banana leaf and paper cartons – all in  abundance on Gibb’s Farm. 

Katongo (35) is from Mwanza Tanzania but moved to Dar salaam while he was seven years where he completed secondary school.  He painted & silk screened batik while working for Tanzania Breweries. He learned paper craft from a Canadian paper maker in 2001 to example environmental friendly uses of local material. His early work was awarded a certificate from South Africa Art Week exhibition at the Protea Hotel.

Katongo advanced his craft while representing Tanzania at the 2007 International Peace Through Tourism global knowledge partnership in Malaysia were the world delegates exchanged knowledge of techniques and style. 

More recently he was assisting the mental disability at Lutindi’s mental hospital through their occupational therapy program before this season’s SANAA  residence.

At present Athuman is working to a collection of hand-made books crafted from this natural paper materials. His studio is located near the farmyard.

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