Garden Art

The historic gardens and farms within the estate inspire artists 
and offer a respite from the rigors of safari.
 Gibb’s Farm Flower Garden
The first seeds planted 45 years ago, the flower garden has expended as the number of traveler cottages increased from two to twenty.  It has recently grown again with the restoration and expansion of many of the cottages and now encompasses over seven acres, perhaps one of the largest private gardens in Tanzania. It includes three small water areas to attract the Crosse Beak Weaver. Over 230 birds have been sited on the farm and estate forests due in part to the vast floral display.  All floral gardens are now under the careful hand of Lazaro Msasi, and his two assistance, Petro Siprian and forester Yahaya Hussein  Eight full time helpers and eight seasonal helpers are required to keep up with the seasons.  The flower gardens were once a quarter the present size and lead by Paskal Gwandu for over ten years.  Paskali is now a Naturalist and teacher for the other 20 naturalists and guides on the estate.  They are working to identify and catalogue the nearly 300 flowers, trees and shrubs 

 English Herb Garden
A formal English knot herb garden designed for contemplation and beauty has  ben established.  It contains over ten herbs.  Cooks walk down twice a day just before meal time to make their selection.  The herbs couldn’t be more fresh - going straight to the plate from the garden.

 Doudi’s Herb & Kitchen Garden
A working herb & vegetable garden is cared for by Daudi Lolay, a twenty year veteran of Gibb’s Farm gardens. The kitchen staff harvest their own needs daily.

 Medicinal Garden
A dozen medicinal plants located next to Osero Forest Clinic are cared by the clinic staff for instructional purposes. Not all of the phyto medicine plants used in the clinic are indigenous to the Ngorongoro highlands and are therefore propagated in this small garden.

 Rose Garden
The formal rose garden has been restored along with the oldest cottages that surrounded it.  Roses have been an important part of the Gibb’s Farm gardens for over 25 years.

 Margaret's Garden
Kullander House and the Library dwellings were the personal residence of Margaret Gibb Kullander for over twenty years.  The garden is of her design, located on a terraced hillside to attract birds and small mammals. 

 Petro’s Vegetable Garden
A working kitchen garden cared for by Petro Qwaridi for over 20 years serves the farm estate’s kitchens.  Petro’s brother Samwel Qwaridi has been in the kitchen nearly as long. 

 Cactus Garden
While restoring the farm cottages substantial cactus trees required relocation.  In doing so many smaller cactuses scattered around the estate are being transplanted to a dry hillside.  The result will be a expansive rock garden.  The stones coming from the broken restoration masonry will help control the weeds.

 Estate Forest
Around 30 acres of highland forest stretches along the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the north side of the farm estate.  Forester Yahaya Hussein and the naturalists are slowly expanding the walking trails.  Birders enjoy this quite expanse above the small Namnyak Maasai village, residence for the Morani of the Osero Forest Clinic’s African Living Spa.

 Coffee Farm
25 acres of Arabica coffee frame the southern estate.  Roasted over charcoal daily, Gibb’s Farm coffee has made its way over the years to the far corners of the globe inside the luggage of travellers.
The cottages are set within the gardens along a meandering foot path:

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