Liarin Mayasek

   iarin (30) was born in Mondauli, Tanzania - about 2 hours drive from Gibb’s Farm.  He is one of eight children from a mother who is one of 14 wives to his father.   

Liarin visited Dar es Saalam in 1999 looking for work. For a time he was in a large group a fellow Maasai on the Swahili Coast. Many morani were braiding each other’s hair and was thus first inspired. Self taught, Liarin started to experiment with his art in 2003 when he returned home. 

Physical beauty and decoration is important to Maasai warriors, morani.  Anxious to attract girls, hours are spent decorating themselves and each other, plaiting hair or sharing jewelry.   Morani braid their hair into long plaits, often twisting in strands of wool to greater length.  Liarin braids red wool into the scull area, replacing traditional ground ocher mixed with fat or water.  Limbs, necks or ears are adorn with beaded ornaments made by female suitors.  Liarin and other hair artists add beads and shinny soft metal.

Liarin was in residence last season working and living in Namnyak Village on the western side of the farm estate.  First sharing his art with the resident morani he has been creating removable art for others to wear, men and women.
Medium: Human Hair, cotton, aluminium, glass, wax, cotton string
Each work is original
size: various

“My art requires my attention.  If one pulls it will hurt - my mind must be well focused”

Hair Clips for Women
Preparing for the opening of the renovated Namnyak Village Boma 2009
Commission Description & Video 
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