Lister Shoo


Number 1

130 x 45 cm

“My work is talking to the world through nature and the environment every day, the more I discover the benefits of nature the more it grows better.”


Number 2

160 x 45 cm


Number 3

180 x 120 cm

Iraqw Door
Medium: Twigs, tree limbs, coffee wood, nuts & seeds, raffia, sisal, natural fibre paper, and electrical wire.
Each work is original

                  ister Shoo (33), is a sculptor who works with wood and natural material.  Encouraged by his grandfather to fashion hunting tools and wood carving, Lister studied art and carpentry at Arusha Technical College in 1996.  Born in northern Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro region he has been inspired by the Chaga traditions, the culture that predominated his youth.  Using his carpentry technical skills his art has become unique and fresh.  His work compiles found-materials in compelling designs sometimes self-illuminated.  Light from within some of his work throws shadows or may offer a wonderful contrast between dark and light, revealed or hidden.  His earlier works included furniture made of old dhow boat timber.

Shoo has exhibited at the Dar es Salaam Art Market and the SANAA galleries of Gibb’s Farm in Karatu.  He has completed three commissions for SANAA; a collection of small twigs woven into a tower adorned with seeds and beads for the Weaver House, and a conical form that plays with light in the corner of the space, and Iwraq Door - a tall work that entices the viewer to walk around the piece to discover the inside/outside effect of his textures and motifs.

While in residence, Lister’s studio is located at Kiota along the edge of Mikawahani Staff Village.  He can also be found in the carpentry shop or strolling the forest and garden estate collecting materials.

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