Mick Lindberg


            he art of textile work was passed down from my mother & 

            grand mother.  I was born in Sweden 1950.

My passion for fabrics and fashion continued  through the years that I worked as model and later  as a Photographer.

Finally ... Needlework became the thread  of expression.

Im interested in the fusion of cultures; the overlap of  folk designs, the juxtaposition  of people, place, parable,

the Stitching of ones story,

the use of local materials to  readapt,  recycle,  reshape , revive all the traditional skills of hand stitching,

to pass on  knowledge to the benefit  of the local community.

Its what your hands know and feel that comes through in what you create.

“I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart , for giving us the opportunity  to live & work at Gibbs Farm ,

 it was an experience that we will never forget .” 

Medium: Cotton textile, buttons, metal
Each work is original
Engishuy Maisha



Tanzania Dreaming



Jewellery Design in collaboration with fellow SANAA artist Liarin Mayasek
Commission for Morani Househttp://www.room.harmonyproject.info/cottages/Morani.htmlshapeimage_13_link_0
Commission for Farm Househttp://www.room.harmonyproject.info/cottages/Home.htmlshapeimage_14_link_0
Portraits of Tloma women

Number 3

110 x 110 cm

Dunia Ni Maarifa

Number 4

110 x 110 cm

Number 2

110 x 130 cm

Number 1

110 x 130 cm

Number 6

30 x 30 cm  each

Fashionable dress designs by artist worn by the staff, now available from the Gallery

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