Robert Aswani


Number 3

“I love painting market scenes because I am swept immediately back to my childhood where nothing was clear: colours intermingled and moods changed; people move so quickly you could only capture their face for a split-second.  The market is art in motion.”

Medium: Acrylic and Water Colour Ink on Paper or Canvas
Each work is original
size: 1various

                    obert Aswani was born in western Kenya in 1971. 
As a young child he would accompany his mother to the market; little did he know the faces and scenes those young eyes absorbed would become the focus of his work. Complex and colorful market scenes are his favorite subject. Aswani generally works with acrylic highlighted by watercolor ink to achieve the vivid coloration he is well-know for.  He enjoys experimenting with various styles according to the piece. 

After finishing high school Robert began to paint as a full-time artist. He now resides outside Arusha, Tanzania, were he works in his house- studio and gallery.  Robert has become a highly celebrated artist in Kenya and Tanzania, and his paintings hang in houses and galleries worldwide.  A pioneer SANAA Artist-in-Residence, Robert returns to the farm to contribute two more commissions to the collection while exhibiting his current body of work in our galleries.

oil on canvas

Commissioned 2008 for Shamba House


Number  4

Village Ladies

acrylic and water color ink on canvas,

Commissioned 2008 for Tloma House


Number 1

Tloma Time

oil on canvas

Commissioned 2011 for Deutsch House


Number 2


acrylic and water color

Commissioned 2011 for Anniversary House


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