The Sanaa Art Gallery collection possesses hundreds of works.  A selection is available for sale through the Gallery and this web site.

The work is presented as a body of work from each artist-in-resident’s studio.

Email us here to enquire about a selection that interests you.

   n the belief that our surroundings contribute to our state of mind, emphasis is put on the design of spaces that cultivate a sense of tranquility with a sense of place and history – the farm cottage as personal sanctuary. Design rooted in the principles of African open space yields a source of peace for guests in a marked departure from the real world.  Textural materials and indigenous artworks embellish the experience of one’s personal space.

At Gibb’s Farm three studios have been established in Mikawahani Village, near the Vegetable Farm and the Farmhouse.
Kiota Studio: One of the small cottages brought down in pieces from Nairobi in the 1970’s, since replaced by new accommodations, has been given a new life as a SANNA studio. (photo below)
Bush Baby Place:   Located in the historic farmhouse
Farmhouse Studio:  Located behind the farmhouse

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